Back by popular demand is the Population Health Management Conference (PHM), which was an overwhelming success at EHI
Live 2017. Population Health Management refers to the use of data to understand what is happening in a population which enables efficient planning for the health of future generations and helps decision makers effectively manage a populations health through provision of correct services.  

The agenda will provide progressive updates and cover the latest information concerning PHM strategies in the UK. Topics will
include the current approach to ageing, how PHM plays a large role in commissioning for value and how successful use of PHM tools can lead to greater control over quality, reduced costs and life-changing solutions for patients. Attend the conference to further understand the role that data and technology can play in transforming patient care.

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn from healthcare providers using PHM tools as to how it is reducing costs and allowing more efficient service planning 

  • Discover how information sharing can be optimised in PHM without being a barrier 

  • Evaluate how to identify the population at risk and support them with tools to change their behaviour - the movement from reactive to proactive care 

Key topics include:

  • How to use the data efficiently to understand the needs of a population     
  • Information sharing and data governance   
  • Commissioning for value
  • PHM approach to ageing
  • Use of data to support the development of primary care