The Patient Centricity conference is brand new to ehi LIVE for 2018. It’s the first conference of it’s kind and will discuss
how data and technology are empowering patients and revolutionising health and wellbeing. Discussion over how giving control back to the patient over how their medical data is managed, shared and stored is enabling them to take control of their own health and improving the quality of healthcare available.

There will also be discussion on the other ways patient data is being used in healthcare to improve outcomes, from identifying best practice to gaining patient insight and saving money. Attend the conference to discover the future of using data in
healthcare, the associated governance issues and how it has the potential to transform the whole healthcare system putting the patient in the driving seat.

Benefits of Attending

  • Discuss empowerment of patients through data and technology to give control back to the patients and improve the quality of care
  • Evaluate GDPR and how this will affect current data management practices to identify opportunities and ensure compliance with regulation
  • Assess the opportunities available through optimising data usage in healthcare and adopting a patient centric approach including decreased costs for providers, higher quality care and improved patient outcomes    

Key topics include:

  • The future of using data in healthcare
  • GDPR and data protection
  • Patient empowerment
  • Using data to improve patient outcomes
  • Use and sharing of data across organisations