Combining previous EHI conference topics such as Mental Health, Acute Health and Social Care Integration and Primary
Care, the new Integrated Care Conference will discuss how combining these areas in a holistic approach to healthcare can increase accessibility to the right care and improve outcomes for the population.

The conference will cover the main challenges in achieving a successful integrated care system, the huge benefits that such a system can offer and some realistic steps to start moving in the right direction. Case study presentations will focus on current technologies being used to facilitate integrated care in UK NHS Trusts around the country - from technologies to facilitate communication to ensuring quality in the joining of IT systems across different care systems.

Benefits of Attending

  • Evaluate how data can be used across integrated care systems to allow clinicians access to all the information they need to make informed care decisions         
  • Discuss how the integration of primary, community, acute, mental and social care will increase access to care, make current care more efficient and help to manage the increasing demand 
  • Consider new technologies available to aid information sharing across an integrated health system to improve patient care and the overall patient experience 

Key topics include:

  • Technology innovations to enhance care in the community    

  • Integrated care case studies  

  • Use of data to inform and improve care

  • Commissioning in integrated care