Theme: Beyond the hype: making the most of AI in diagnostics 

This year’s Imaging & Diagnostics conference will focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and
how these technologies are revolutionising care in the diagnostics field. The potential for technology to support physicians in providing better patient care, greater accuracy, fewer medical errors and make the right considerations in diagnosis and treatment show that it really has the power to transform the complex diagnostic process. 

Primarily aimed at clinicians, health IT professionals and policy makers, conference topics will range from the theory
and challenges involved with the use of AI and machine learning in diagnostics through to the solutions, current applications and state of play with data sharing and governance.    

Benefits of Attending

  • Discuss how AI can support physicians to improve operational efficiencies, enhance workflows and cut costs and improve patient care in pathology and radiology         
  • Consider the main challenges with the use of AI and machine learning in diagnostics along with the benefits to ensure fully informed decisions are taken over its use and users fully understand the role it can play in enhancing patient outcomes      
  • Evaluate data governance in AI to ensure you are using the right data that you can trust for accurate decision making  

Key topics include:

  • Grand challenges of AI and machine learning in diagnostics

  • Machiene Learning overview

  • AI in radiology & pathology 

  • Data sharing and governance review

  • How to integrate AI into current radiology workflows