Theme: The transition to digital nursing systems – balancing traditional philosophies with new technology to improve efficiency, patient care and safety

ehi LIVE 2018 will host the first ever edition of the E-Nursing conference, put together by our expert scientific committee. The conference will define how to strike a balance between traditional nursing documentation and new digital systems, highlighting the key role of change management to ensure acceptance and adoption of this technology by bedside staff.

In line with The Royal College of Nursing’s motion that ‘every UK nurse should be an e-nurse by 2020’, the conference will discuss best practices, what to expect, lessons learnt and benefits of a range of digital systems. Digital technology is a key enabler in delivering better care, so getting it right in the nursing team can transform patient outcomes and overall standards of care.  


Scientific Committee

Simon Noel, Chief Nurse Informatics Officer, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford, UK 

Helen Balsdon, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK 

Gerry Bolger, RN independent Clinical Advisor & Consultant in Clinical Informatics

Benefits of Attending

  • Define the keys to successful change management to ensure nurses are educated on how the technology will help streamline jobs, safe time, improve safety and patient care
  • Evaluate the use of electronic data and multidisciplinary team collaboration to promote effective patient flow
  • Assess key strategies for promoting, reinforcing and ensuring patient safety using electronic systems
  • Appreciate the importance of matching the right digital system to the hospital and ensuring it sits well with the current architecture to maximise investment and reduce further cost implications 

Key topics include:

  • Digital readiness of the nursing department        
  • Use of data to inform and improve care    
  • Role of technology in releasing time to care     
  • Change management  
  • Multidisciplinary integrated care record