The NHS have announced that they will spend £150m on cybersecurity to strengthen their systems following the WannaCry
* and cybersecurity continues to be one of the most pressing subjects for healthcare leaders. With increased occurrence, severity and complexity of such attacks, it is more important than ever for the highest quality data protection and security.

Aimed at healthcare IT professionals and security specialists, this 1 day conference will address the needs to not only understand how to prevent against cyber-attacks, but what new measures and standards need to be implemented to allow quick recovery in the event of such an attack. *Source:

Benefits of Attending

  • Identify approaches used by hackers to compromise systems to ensure firewalls and network infrastructure is built to keep data safe from these attacks

  • Evaluate effective cybersecurity strategies to protect systems against high level threats and ensure patients have the greatest confidence in how their data is managed    

  • Discuss how to meet updated standards for data security to comply with new regulations 

Key topics include:

  • Updated security systems in the NHS 
  • How to build stronger IT defences
  • Organisational awareness of threats and incidents  
  • What healthcare cybersecurity can learn from banking